FIATA Reference Handbook

Get acquainted with the FIATA decision makers!

The FIATA Reference Handbook contains all the essential information about FIATA’s organizational structure. This publication is only available electronically for the time being. Printed editions will be available again at a later stage in the year 2020.

The policy making Institutes as well as Advisory Bodies are introduced together with an explanation on their undertakings. It provides information on current initiatives as well as details of all the FIATA Association Member. Then there is also a short historical background with a listing of FIATA’s past Congresses and past Presidents, who have all played a crucial role in FIATA’s progress.

We hope you find this FIATA Reference Handbook useful. Should you have any questions, please contact the FIATA Secretariat,, and they will be available to provide you with further information or a printed copy on request.  Click here to view (and download) the FIATA Reference Handbook.


Yours Sincerely

Basil L.S. Pietersen

President of FIATA

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